Sunday, December 31, 2006

Review: Patton

We caught Patton on AMC last week sometime so I'm sure somethings were left out. Nonetheless this was a three and a half hour session on the couch, this is a monster of a movie at 170 minutes run time normally.

The casting on this film is wonderful, George Patton is a huge SOB and George Scott plays him to a T. The screenplay was done by Francis Ford Coppola and Edmund H. North who shared the Oscar that year for best screenplay based on . . . ok done typing that, and of course Scott won the Oscar for best Actor that year as well.

The story itself is very good, it jogs back and forth in the beginning between following Patton and following an aide at Nazi HQ who is assigned to do background research on him. Seemingly the Allies won the war because the Nazi brass would do the research but only do what Hitler wanted even when wrong. Patton of course did his own research by reading his chief opponents book, you see books were the blog of the 1940's. The thing I expected more of in the movie was battle scenes but that is not what this movie is about. There are one or two battle scenes in the film but if you are looking for a World War 2 movie with battle scenes this is not it.

The thing I think I liked most about the movie was the cinematography, great locations and great camera angles make this a really beautiful film to watch.

If you are looking for a biography with World War 2 as the backdrop get out there and get yourself a copy of Patton. If you are looking for a World War 2 battle movie this is not the film to watch, try Saving Private Ryan.

Brain dump new years eve edition

John Edwards is running, get involved, seriously.

We signed up for the two week trial with the Blockbuster Online service, so I'll be trying to write reviews for the movies as we get them and watch them. We should get our first DVD in the mail Tuesday so watch for the review later next week.

I have switched over to the new Blogger so you will start to see and be able to search for tags or labels as they are calling them with the posts.

OK I seriously had more to say when I sat down to write this, really! OK well I guess I'll start on that first review then.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Holiday Blizard 2006 part deux!

Snow, heavier this time, it was last night anyway. The branches on the big tree out in the front yard were dropping more than they were last week. Last night the city finally got a scraper and a front end loader working on our street, which had been mushy slushy and wet for the last 2 days and has had snow on it for the last 8 days, it finally looks decent and was passible this morning!

I few days ago I had mentioned to my wife that if it did snow again the tag should be "Holiday Blizzard 2006 part deux!", and as we were watching 9news for updates last night we heard the male anchor say it, schweet.

Well long story short my office closed yesterday at 2:30 and I was home by 4, big thanks go out to my buddy eckoe for that one since I was dropped off at my driveway, which I then immediately started shoveling it and the sidewalks. I did a pass at 4:30, did another pass at 8:15 and then the latest pass at it this morning at 5:45. So far we've gotten probably 8 inches in Arvada with another up to 10 inches on the way. There is a blizzard effect on the eastern plains till 6pm Sunday, yeah, Sunday.

I'm working from home today, the Boulder office is officially closed. My wife is already at work, a coworker with four wheel drive picked her up, and is the only one there the last time she checked in.

I'll leave you with yet another photo of the snow, this is our front walk. Stay warm out there folks and if you live in Colorado/Wyoming area don't go anywhere unless you have to.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

. . . I started to think that . . .

Ah the voice over narration shows, some of my favorite shows fall into this category of sorts. Scrubs is a great one, I wish NBC would start the season in September like they do with some of the crap they air. Doogie Howser, M.D. was a bit of a voice over, I think, I don't really remember. How I met Your Mother has some voice over bits and gets bonus points for having Bob Saget do them, and I've realized that Neil Patrick Harris is in both. The original, original because it's the oldest one I remember and it's my blog after all, was Wonder Years. Again bonus points for the narrator, Daniel Stern. A recent addition to the pack is My Boys on TBS, pretty good and you can view all the episodes online for free, as in beer, on AOL's video site. OK please go ahead and comment and remind me about all those other shows I have forgotten about and why the shows I listed do not match the genre and what rules of grammar I have forgotten about.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Basil got in the garage!

This morning we ventured out to see if the big tree in the front lost any branches in the blizzard. To do this we snuck past the foot of snow on the front stoop, into the garage, open the garage door and peek around the corner. This was not a good enough view so we started to shovel down the driveway, something we would need to do today anyway to get the car back into the garage but something I was not looking forward to. We got a skinny path shoveled out down the driveway but still could not see onto the roof. At this point we figured shoveling down driveway was easy so down to the sidewalk from the stoop would be too. After 15 minutes and 15 feet of progress I thought to ask my wife "Honey did you shovel this part yesterday?", "No just the driveway". Well that would explain why I was 15 feet down the 25 foot drive and she was already done with the entire driveway. 15 minutes later we had the entire walk cleared and had started on the sidewalk which only took about 5 minutes or so. At this point we had most of the snow taken care of, we just needed to get the car up the driveway and into the garage. My wife was getting help last night from the neighbor trying to get it up the drive but it was either high centered or just sitting on ice as the front tires were just spinning and she wasn't going in either direction. So we got the driveway cleared off, cleared out a foot or two behind the car and made sure that the pavement in the direction of the driveway was clear of ice. We got the car warmed up, no crack in the windshield fortunately, and it backed up with a little help from me pushing. I had my wife roll down the window and told her, "gun it and try not to hit me", she did and with no pushing Basil made it up the driveway and into the garage. There was probably a foot of snow still under where he had slept for the night last night but that was easy to clear off as well. With that done we turned our attention to knocking the snow hanging off the garage, over the gutter, thinking as it melts it might rip the gutter off the garage. After a few hits we had knocked some of the snow off but it was still hanging over the roof by almost a foot. I got after it with the longer snow shovel and was slowly going to work my way down the garage like my wife did, after two smacks though a chunk of snow 12 feet long by 1 food wide and deep sheared off the garage, fortunately without the gutter. So now we're officially done with shoveling, the backyard can melt on its own, and starting to figure out the getting to work scenarios for tomorrow. At this point the car can get about 1 foot into the street and then will be stuck again so it's not looking good for either of us to drive unless a plow goes down our street, Wadsworth has probably been plowed by know but we'd have a heck of a time getting there. RTD is on a Sunday schedule tomorrow which would get me to work right around 11:15am unless I get a ride from a coworker from a semi close Park and Ride. Either way tomorrow should be a little warmer but stay bundled up and drink some cocoa.

The first photo is one my wife took last night when she got home, that's how far the car got. The second photo is the result of our hard labors shoveling the walk today and the third is another spot of Basil stuck in the snow last night, poor boy.

These last two photos are of the compost pile in October and a view of the pile this afternoon from the same spot, just for comparison.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Santa Clause is stuck on US 36

It is snowing, still, sideways. It is supposed to do this until tomorrow at noon. I think there is about 3 feet of snow in the backyard and it is not the light fluffy stuff it's the heavy wet stuff, that should be fun to shovel off the driveway eh?

Ok let's recap the day.

5:00am - snooze button 3 times
5:30am - shower, I think, I was still asleep a little
6:00am - up and functioning, I had coffee finally yeah! So there is no snow on the ground here but 9news is reporting Douglas county, Jefferson county and Denver public schools are all closed, already.
6:30am - on the bus, it is windy but so far so good, blizzard, this isn't a blizzard!
7:15am - I'm in Broomfield and my second bus is only 15 minutes late, the commute home might be lame but so far this is easy!
8:30am - from the kitchen at work I can see the Flatirons.
9:00am - ok who stole the Flatirons?
10:00am - hmmm yeah, blizzard, sweet.
12:00pm - going home, now, work is officially closed, no problem US 36 is still open, even in crappy weather I get home in 3 hours, we'll say 4 today but just to make sure I'll get a ride with a coworker to the Park n Ride in Broomfield.
1:00pm - It is slow going but we're already 5 miles down the road, by 2pm or so we'll be in Broomfield and then it'll be 30 - 60 minutes to wait for a bus down Wadsworth and then I'm home by 4pm or so, nice.
2:00pm - we're still on US 36 and we've gone oh, a mile, ruh roh.
3:00pm - still on US 36, been staring at a Best Buy from the same spot for the last 30 minutes, and we're starting to get text messages that 36 is closed ahead at the Sheridan exit.
3:30pm - the fuel light goes on, our driver is a little freaked out, no problem, we'll cut across 2 lanes of traffic, cross the grass to the on ramp, drive up the on ramp past parked cars, get stuck in 2 feet of snow.
4:30pm - thanks to stealing a shovel we've somehow managed to dig the car out, only took 30 minutes and we are now the hero of a friend for going backwards up the on ramp, digging out the car from 3 feet of snow and managing our way back to a road going the correct direction.
5:00pm - first gas station is closed, and the pumps aren't . . pumping.
5:05pm - second gas station is open, has coffee, has horrible sandwiches, has trail mix, and has working pumps. We get directions and as I'm paying I overhear someone ask the clerk if the pumps are turned off, no, they must be frozen then. We lucked out, we lucked out big.
6:00pm - we're on Wadsworth heading south, other than a quick delay at 92nd due to 150 thousand broken down cars, ok 12, blocking the intersection we're well on our way.
6:15pm - I'm home, I'm cold, I'm wet, but I'm home.

Mom thanks again for the long johns, they kept me warm while digging out the snow.

Lauren and Joe thanks a ton for giving me a ride tonight, I would probably still be on a bus otherwise, I owe you a shovel.

Stay warm out there folks.

Monday, December 11, 2006

5th annual holiday Party tree setup

Our 5th annual holiday party is now only 5 days away, less than 120 hours until the fun commences, we'd better get the house ready!

The first thing we needed to do was get the tree up and decorated. We made space in the corner of the living room where a box chair usually lives, we have space now that we have a house. It has been three years since we put up the tree and I do not remember it being so difficult to set up that stupid tree stand. My wife reminded me that is because she was the one who always set it up, oh yeah.

We managed to get the tree and lights up yesterday but my slothfulness prevented us from getting ornaments on it. I thought it still looked great, it is shiny. Tonight we got the ornament boxes out and started putting them on the tree, then we remembered that you are supposed to take the ornaments out of the boxes first. Wouldn't it be much easier to take down the stuff if you left it in the box when you put it up? Don't worry Mom, we took them out of the boxes.

While we were busy putting up the all steroids team ornaments my wife told me about a coworker who was putting up her tree with her husband this past weekend. They realized they didn't have a tree topper. He asked if he could put something on the top of the tree, she said sure. He finished his beer, put a hole in the bottom and thus the Coors Light Tree Topper was born. Now I would never stoop to doing this, Coors Light, come on! But we do have a Santa Spud that would look killer up there, and he does.

Mr. Potato head gives the 5th annual holiday party a big thumbs up! For all you slackers who have not RSVP'd yet give us a call or drop us an email. If you are smart you will direct said communications to my wife because I really stink at remembering things like who has RSVP'd to our holiday party.

Friday, December 01, 2006

That's so Web 3.0

I was thinking last night that my brother should star in a show called "That's so Web 2.0", it's a long story that's really only funny to him so I won't share it. It turns out that Web 2.0 is now passe.