Sunday, December 31, 2006

Review: Patton

We caught Patton on AMC last week sometime so I'm sure somethings were left out. Nonetheless this was a three and a half hour session on the couch, this is a monster of a movie at 170 minutes run time normally.

The casting on this film is wonderful, George Patton is a huge SOB and George Scott plays him to a T. The screenplay was done by Francis Ford Coppola and Edmund H. North who shared the Oscar that year for best screenplay based on . . . ok done typing that, and of course Scott won the Oscar for best Actor that year as well.

The story itself is very good, it jogs back and forth in the beginning between following Patton and following an aide at Nazi HQ who is assigned to do background research on him. Seemingly the Allies won the war because the Nazi brass would do the research but only do what Hitler wanted even when wrong. Patton of course did his own research by reading his chief opponents book, you see books were the blog of the 1940's. The thing I expected more of in the movie was battle scenes but that is not what this movie is about. There are one or two battle scenes in the film but if you are looking for a World War 2 movie with battle scenes this is not it.

The thing I think I liked most about the movie was the cinematography, great locations and great camera angles make this a really beautiful film to watch.

If you are looking for a biography with World War 2 as the backdrop get out there and get yourself a copy of Patton. If you are looking for a World War 2 battle movie this is not the film to watch, try Saving Private Ryan.
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