Monday, December 11, 2006

5th annual holiday Party tree setup

Our 5th annual holiday party is now only 5 days away, less than 120 hours until the fun commences, we'd better get the house ready!

The first thing we needed to do was get the tree up and decorated. We made space in the corner of the living room where a box chair usually lives, we have space now that we have a house. It has been three years since we put up the tree and I do not remember it being so difficult to set up that stupid tree stand. My wife reminded me that is because she was the one who always set it up, oh yeah.

We managed to get the tree and lights up yesterday but my slothfulness prevented us from getting ornaments on it. I thought it still looked great, it is shiny. Tonight we got the ornament boxes out and started putting them on the tree, then we remembered that you are supposed to take the ornaments out of the boxes first. Wouldn't it be much easier to take down the stuff if you left it in the box when you put it up? Don't worry Mom, we took them out of the boxes.

While we were busy putting up the all steroids team ornaments my wife told me about a coworker who was putting up her tree with her husband this past weekend. They realized they didn't have a tree topper. He asked if he could put something on the top of the tree, she said sure. He finished his beer, put a hole in the bottom and thus the Coors Light Tree Topper was born. Now I would never stoop to doing this, Coors Light, come on! But we do have a Santa Spud that would look killer up there, and he does.

Mr. Potato head gives the 5th annual holiday party a big thumbs up! For all you slackers who have not RSVP'd yet give us a call or drop us an email. If you are smart you will direct said communications to my wife because I really stink at remembering things like who has RSVP'd to our holiday party.
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