Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Santa Clause is stuck on US 36

It is snowing, still, sideways. It is supposed to do this until tomorrow at noon. I think there is about 3 feet of snow in the backyard and it is not the light fluffy stuff it's the heavy wet stuff, that should be fun to shovel off the driveway eh?

Ok let's recap the day.

5:00am - snooze button 3 times
5:30am - shower, I think, I was still asleep a little
6:00am - up and functioning, I had coffee finally yeah! So there is no snow on the ground here but 9news is reporting Douglas county, Jefferson county and Denver public schools are all closed, already.
6:30am - on the bus, it is windy but so far so good, blizzard, this isn't a blizzard!
7:15am - I'm in Broomfield and my second bus is only 15 minutes late, the commute home might be lame but so far this is easy!
8:30am - from the kitchen at work I can see the Flatirons.
9:00am - ok who stole the Flatirons?
10:00am - hmmm yeah, blizzard, sweet.
12:00pm - going home, now, work is officially closed, no problem US 36 is still open, even in crappy weather I get home in 3 hours, we'll say 4 today but just to make sure I'll get a ride with a coworker to the Park n Ride in Broomfield.
1:00pm - It is slow going but we're already 5 miles down the road, by 2pm or so we'll be in Broomfield and then it'll be 30 - 60 minutes to wait for a bus down Wadsworth and then I'm home by 4pm or so, nice.
2:00pm - we're still on US 36 and we've gone oh, a mile, ruh roh.
3:00pm - still on US 36, been staring at a Best Buy from the same spot for the last 30 minutes, and we're starting to get text messages that 36 is closed ahead at the Sheridan exit.
3:30pm - the fuel light goes on, our driver is a little freaked out, no problem, we'll cut across 2 lanes of traffic, cross the grass to the on ramp, drive up the on ramp past parked cars, get stuck in 2 feet of snow.
4:30pm - thanks to stealing a shovel we've somehow managed to dig the car out, only took 30 minutes and we are now the hero of a friend for going backwards up the on ramp, digging out the car from 3 feet of snow and managing our way back to a road going the correct direction.
5:00pm - first gas station is closed, and the pumps aren't . . pumping.
5:05pm - second gas station is open, has coffee, has horrible sandwiches, has trail mix, and has working pumps. We get directions and as I'm paying I overhear someone ask the clerk if the pumps are turned off, no, they must be frozen then. We lucked out, we lucked out big.
6:00pm - we're on Wadsworth heading south, other than a quick delay at 92nd due to 150 thousand broken down cars, ok 12, blocking the intersection we're well on our way.
6:15pm - I'm home, I'm cold, I'm wet, but I'm home.

Mom thanks again for the long johns, they kept me warm while digging out the snow.

Lauren and Joe thanks a ton for giving me a ride tonight, I would probably still be on a bus otherwise, I owe you a shovel.

Stay warm out there folks.
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