Tuesday, December 11, 2007

snow snow snow!

It snowed last week but wasn't too bad, knocked off by 8am or so that day. Today is our first really good snow during the work week. It started last night around 9pm, is still snowing at 9:45am and supposed to all day. Again the flatirons have been stolen, this is a pic from my office window that usually has a great view of them.

At least I wasn't riding the Light Rail today, a light rail train has derailed after striking a coal train. How do you not see a coal train?

Stay warm out there people!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

hmmmm leftovers

My brother recently brought up the subject of turkey sandwiches and threw down the challenge to me to come up with something new in regards to the sandwich. Sad to saw I don't actually have any leftovers to deal with this year, besides the carcass which I always ask for regardless of whose house we're at for the meal. So while these "recipes" haven't been tried out yet, they sure sounded good in my head, enjoy!

Quick Curried Turkey for Pita

1 Cup leftover turkey
1/3 Cup Mayo
1 Tbsp red onion diced
1 Tbsp golden raisins
1/2 Tbsp chopped cilantro
1/2 Tbsp Curry Powder
1 Pita pocket halved

1. Mix first 6 ingredients together and fill half a pita with half the filling.

Open Face Meatloaf Sandwich

Meat Loaf
1 egg
1 Cup bread crumbs
1 Cup Parmesan grated
Salt and pepper to taste
2 Tbsp parsley chopped rough
1/3 Cup catchup/ketchup or tomato sauce
1/2 Large onion shredded
2 Garlic cloves chopped
2 Cups leftover stuffing
1 lb each ground beef and ground pork

1. Shred the onion in the food processor or on a box grater.
2. Mix the egg, onion, garlic, parsley, salt, pepper and tomato product
3. Mix in the cheese and bread crumbs
4. Mix in the meat
5. Put half the meat mixture into a loaf pan
6. Put the stuffing into the loaf pan keeping about 1 inch away from the sides of the pan
7. Add the rest of the meat to the pan
8. Bake for an hour in a 375 degree oven or until internal temp of 175 is reached
9. Let loaf sit for 15 minutes before slicing

While the meat loaf is baking prepare the potato pancakes

Potato Pancake
2 cups leftover mashed potatoes
1 Egg
1/3 Cup of flour
2 Tbsp Olive Oil

1. Beat the egg in a bowl
2. Incorporate egg into mashed potatoes
3. Add the flour and mix
4. Heat olive oil in a frying pan over medium high heat
5. Make a patty with 1/4th of the potato mixture, flour your hands to avoid it being too sticky
6. Cook the pancakes about 2 minutes per side or until golden brown and heated through


1. Place 1 piece of sourdough bread down on a plate, toasted if desired
2. Top with a slice of the meat loaf or two if it is vertically challenged
3. Top with a potato pancake
4. Top with warmed gravy and serve

There ya go Curt, open face sandwich using leftovers besides turkey! Now I gotta go pull out that carcass and start some stock. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Blue-collar pitcher, white-collar pitcher?

Yet another article today about a blue-collar outing by Josh Fogg in today's DenverPost. Can someone tell me what pitcher on the staff would throw a white-collar game? What exactly are we comparing this to guys?

Extra credit goes to whoever can tell me how many times the phrase "blue-collar" has been used in the articles about games Josh Fogg pitched in this year.

Monday, August 06, 2007

WATB: Semi-Retired

Waiting at the bus stop is going into semi-retirement starting today. You see I know only have half the time on the bus now as I did on Friday, I have a car. That's right, shocking I know, we bought a "new to us" car that I'll be driving up and down Wads everyday. I'll post some pics later this week of the new car.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Broncos Training Camp, towards S. Yosemite my butt

My brother called me last week and asked if I wanted to go to see the Broncos scrimmage this Saturday, of course I said yes, why not, and since he'd suggested it I assumed it was free. As kids when Broncos camp was in Greeley we'd always wanted to go but never managed to make it down. Since this time last year we were all in Cheyenne getting ready for my brother's wedding we couldn't do it then or I'm sure he would have suggested it then.

Since I was driving I checked out the intertubes for directions to Dove Valley and wrote them down, the first turn off of I-25 was the Arapahoe exit and Yahoo Maps tells me to turn towards S. Yosemite St., yeah that's wrong, take a left.

The parking lot opens at 7:30, had we not got turned around we would have been there at 7:30, we got there around 7:50, got parked no problem, awfully glad we drove the Mini since we fit in a spot some people decided against. We decided we'd eat breakfast at the car, we should have taken it with us and got into the line. There's a line to get in see and two "security" guards who turn people away who have bags that are too big or "a professional lens" for their camera, which seemed to mean any non tiny digital camera.

Once we got into the gates we were shuffled around the fields and we soon realized we wouldn't be on the nice little hill that you see in most of the photos from camp.

So we had a good time, we were there about 3 hours total, and learned some things;
1. Turn left (East) onto Arapahoe off of I-25.
2. Get there at 7:30 to park
3. Get into line right away, you can throw away your trash before you go through the gate.
4. Sunscreen (yes Mom we remembered)
5. Stadium pads, sitting on the grass is great and all but for 3 hours?
6. Dad would love this, Dad we're taking you next year.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Braindump: Vacation

I meant to post this before vacation started, but nonetheless here it is;

We've watched Cars and Road to Perdition, both pretty good, this may have links to the reviews later.

I went to Blackhawk for a poker tournament, I did before and swore to take notes if I did it again, I suck and I didn't. I finished 5th again, fortunately they paid the top 7 spots so I came away with some money, I'm almost even in Blackhawk.

We went to a lacrosse game with some friends which was quite a good time. A ticket, a hot dog and a beer for only $10.

We got season tickets for the Crush again! We're totally excited, the games start in March.

I have my tickets for opening day, it's only 49 days away now!

Oh and the vacation thing, we're in Thailand!

Friday, February 02, 2007

WATB: Helping a little old lady

I'm going with the "Waiting at the bus stop idea" to the tune of Car Wash.

So it's a little cold here, 18 below this morning was the low, it's 24 below with the windchill right now. It wasn't much warmer last night for the ride home. As I got on my last bus on the way home a little old lady got on with a suitcase. She was on her way to her sister's house from her daughter's house in Cheyenne. She had left at 1:30 in the afternoon, it was bout 7:30pm when we got on the bus.

We traveled south, I did the Sudoku, everyone tried to stay warm on the bus. As we approached my stop the little old lady talked to the driver, I didn't catch the conversation though. The driver stopped the bus as we approached the stop, but on the other side of the intersection than normal, whatever I hopped off, as did the little old lady. She had decided to head to the McDonalds and call a cab instead of getting off at the normal bus stop that didn't have a shelter.

It was at this point that my Boy Scout training kicked in, I asked if she needed a hand with her suitcase, she did, so I helped her with her suitcase and we made it to the McDonalds, then I headed home. On the way home I realized, I had actually helped a little old lady cross the street.

You have to love the little things in life.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

winter doldrums

It's snowing today. This makes for the 7th week in a row where measurable snow has fallen in the Denver metro area. Combine the 2-4 inches expected today/tomorrow with the expected high on Friday of 7 degrees and you have to wonder if anyone but the snow plow drivers will go to work the rest of the week.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


As most of you know I'm a bus rider. I commute to and from work everyday via RTD . Occasional hilarity occurs during the commute, I've mentioned this before.

Last night was a whole new level of fun. I was sitting at the Broomfield Park n Ride, doing the Sudoku, when the police showed up. They asked who had called and then talked to the gentleman who indicated he had. The officer then came to the other side of the shelter and pointed his flashlight towards me and said "Sir, come with me", I looked up to see a cop with a flashlight and my heart skipped a beat or two. Fortunately he was talking to the fellow to my right. The officer started talking to the guy outside the shelter while his partner started to ask if anyone else had seen what had happened. One person spoke up to say the two had each been listening to music and had a disagreement about it, or the volume of the music, I did for certain catch something about "He's just drunk and looking to talk about his problems", I was doing Sudoko which is complicated so I was focused and not really paying attention. During this the shelter starts to empty out, folks meandering to "look at the bus schedule", yeah right, these 6 people ride the same bus everyday at the same exact time same as me, they don't need a schedule, they are just checking out how things are going down with the cop and the drunk fellow. After about five minutes of searching the guys pockets the officers handcuff him and around that time another patrol car shows up, no lights, just parked in the normal bus parking/loading spot. As they start to escort the handcuffee away he says something to the guy who called this in, the officers didn't like that. Then a brief struggle, I'm hearing all this while still doing my Sudoko but look up when I hear a thud. It is the guy handcuffed shoved up against the glass of the shelter and the officer telling him "John this is about 3 seconds away from going down real bad." to which "John" responds "Man this already went down real bad, I'm wearin' handcuffs man".

So, I think this kind of thing should be a "semi-regular feature" but I need a name for it so I'm soliciting suggestions for the 3 of you who read my blog. Go!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Review: Hotel Rwanda

Hotel Rwanda is the true story of one man running a hotel in Rwanda during the genocide that took place in 1994. Paul Rusesabagina, played masterfully by Don Cheadle, takes in refugees and offers them protection with the almost non-existent assistance of the UN.

The role of UN Colonel Oliver was well played by Nick Nolte, a surprise since the last thing I saw him in was The Hulk which was not good. The acting in the movie was powerful. The locations shifted from beautiful, at the hotel and the overall scenery of the country, to tragic, the refugee camps and war torn towns outside the European created oasis.

This movie was released 3 months after Colin Powell called the conflict in Darfur a genocide. A peace agreement was signed in May of 2006 between the Sudanese Gov and the largest of the rebel groups. Unfortunately the four largest rebel groups that did not sign have now re-organized themselves as one central opposition group.

This was a great movie, and very very hard to watch. It is probably the best movie I have seen that I do not want to see again.

Review: The DaVinci Code

Ha Ha, fooled you. You thought for sure there was a post about The Godfather III coming didn't you!

Nope, The DaVinci code was what we rented next. Neither of us had read the book yet, too much hype for my taste, but figured that if the movie was OK it might be worth borrowing from the Library to read.

Well the movie was OK, we both found it a bit predictible but overall the pace was good, the acting was good and the directing was good. I was expecting more than good though after all the hype and since it was starring Tom Hanks and Ian McKellen and directed by Ron Howard.

So the movie turned out to be Ok but it did not live up to the hype in my mind so I leave this rental decision up to you and then come back and tell me what you thought about.

Review: The Godfather Part 2

Ok this I can review. Yes it is #32 on The List but I actually have something to say about it.

I liked it.

Let me elaborate. I started to watch this movie 5 times about 8 years ago and could never get past the part when they're in Cuba. I just couldn't do it. I think it was because I had just read the book so I was so stuck on the flashbacks, since it's really from the book, that the new stuff just didn't stick with me. So fast forward to now and we have the DVD in the player and we get to Cuba, still not loving the the new stuff and really enjoying the flashbacks, and then I actually pay attention to the part where Michael realizes Fredo has betrayed him (oops spoiler) and I'm hooked.

So, I don't love it as much as the original but it is still a great movie, go rent it if you haven't seen it.

Review: The Godfather

Really, you expected a review? It's one of the top 5 movies ever made, everyone and their dog and their dog's lice has reviewed this movie.

So, if you haven't seen it come borrow it from me, it's on VHS yes tapes still exist, or go rent it if you demand that DVD type surround sound experience.

You're still here? Go!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Dems are coming to Denver on '08!

Woo hoo! If you're reading this you don't need a link, just search your favorite search engine for Denver Democrats '08 and you'll get the news. Now I have to figure out how to become a delegate . . .