Monday, August 21, 2006

ok, where's that sand man at?

Can't sleep. It's 12:05am. It's probably because we're in the middle of annual review season at work, and I'm the guy giving reviews, joy.

Anyway, tonight I'm surfing through some of my newsgator links catching up on non-work type stuff like a /. link about poker driving AI research, and that T.O. might someday, maybe play again, baby, and how to build a glider from the top of a MickyD's breakfast container, wow, that is cool, I must be tired. Ok time to try this sleeping thing again.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

18 . . . innings

That was brutal. We stayed for 15 innings, it went 18. We saw the 14th inning stretch. So sleepy today, IM me to keep me awake, please!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

My Wife is awesome

I'll post some photos as soon as somebody sends me some to go with this story.

Saturday was my birthday, the big 27. My plans for the weekend were a poker game on Friday night and going to the Rockies on Saturday with my wife and folks, just kicking back and having a good time with the family, so I thought, this weekend was full of surprises.

My first surprise was Jack showing up in my office Friday morning, he had flown in for the weekend to make the poker game and had other plans with friends. I was very surprised and it was good to see Jack again after just about a month of him being in California. Jack of course got sucked into a meeting or two at work but enjoyed his day off nonetheless.

The poker game was a great time with a total of 14 folks playing, two tables! I played ok but not great as I was out before we combined tables. Congratulations to Amanda for taking down Tony and Dan both in about 2 minutes total. Poker was a great time, I got to see a ton of friends and had a giant birthday cookie, I was figuring this was the high point of my weekend and that was just fine with me.

The next morning my folks showed up to our place with a surprise, my little brother. Since Karl had joined our group we would need another ticket for the baseball game, no problem Marcy was in on the surprise of Karl coming down and had ran over to the stadium to pickup an extra ticket while I was mowing the lawn.

For lunch we met my wife's family for our monthly birthday lunch, and this one worked out to be exactly on my birthday! The restaurant we usually go to is starting to recognize the group and we get the same waitress who knows to split up the check for us and who usually goes with who. I was expecting some cards but the gifts that I received were not expected and very thoughtful.

I had been asking my folks for weeks where the tickets were that we had and they had been putting me off for weeks. Finally as we get to the first base gate my Dad handed me my ticket which I looked at as I walked through the turnstyle. Dad had told me we were in section 306 for the game, my ticket said section 60B Row general Seat admission, I do not know where section 60B is. I've sat in almost every section at Coors Field and I have never heard of section 60B. As we start walking towards the stairs to hike up to 306 my wife says she needs to use the bathroom so my folks go ahead of us. I'm still not sure what is going on at this point, not at all.

While Marcy was in the bathroom I first take a look at the map of the stadium and cannot find section 60B. The Row General and Seat Admission part made me think we had Rockpile tickets, but the price on the ticket made me think maybe we were down the Warning Track Party Room. I had to go find out so I went and asked one of the ever friendly ushers who work at Coors Field where section 60B was and how to get there. He ever so politely turned me around and said "That's an elevator behind the glass doors, it will take you to the party suites.", yeah no kidding that's an elevator . . wait did he say party suite?

When Marcy came out of the bathroom I told her we'd need to take the elevator so she'd need to get out her ticket. Check the pockets, check the purse and no ticket, so she runs back into the bathroom and back out, and no ticket. We sure hoped we could get up the elevator with only one ticket, so arm in arm we approach the elevator and show him our one ticket. Fortunately he's ok with us having only the one ticket, ok we're good to go! The elevator man says that we'll get off the elevator and go to the left where Jim will take care of us, super we have to get past another usher! Again arm in arm we approach Jim and show him our one ticket. Jim's a good guy and tells us we're in the first entry and the door on the left while looking at just the one ticket. As we walked to the suite we discussed how cool it was for my folks to get the 5 of us into a suite, this was going to be a good game!

I opened the door for Marcy and heard a rather loud and rowdy group yell "surprise" and as I followed Marcy in I saw 30 friends and family. Holy Crap. How did you guys keep this a secret for 9 MONTHS! I never suspected a thing and man am I feeling a little dim today. A huge thanks to everyone for coming last night, I feel very lucky to have so many friends who came out to see me on my birthday, thanks guys! And a special thanks to Marcy, you are awesome babe!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


*note* I forgot to get this posted on Wednesday, d'oh!

How oh how can you let Josh Fogg pitch a 1 run ball game and then give him a loss? A ND is better than a loss after a great pitching performance like that and Fogg at least deserved that! How can you get the leadoff guy to third and then not bring him in in the bottom of the 9th! These are the kind of things the Rockies need to do to really breakthrough as a division leader, fortunately the NL West is a forgiving mistress and they remain only 3 games out of first place and under .500

The game itself was fun though, the first foul ball hit towards us all year and it was just over our heads. Rob got a chance to do the flyball challenge thing and caught one out of two, not too shabby. And of course our favorite mascot was near our section to deliver a pizza to some lucky fans. Hey Dinger spin your head around, it freaks out the kids!