Friday, December 29, 2006

Holiday Blizard 2006 part deux!

Snow, heavier this time, it was last night anyway. The branches on the big tree out in the front yard were dropping more than they were last week. Last night the city finally got a scraper and a front end loader working on our street, which had been mushy slushy and wet for the last 2 days and has had snow on it for the last 8 days, it finally looks decent and was passible this morning!

I few days ago I had mentioned to my wife that if it did snow again the tag should be "Holiday Blizzard 2006 part deux!", and as we were watching 9news for updates last night we heard the male anchor say it, schweet.

Well long story short my office closed yesterday at 2:30 and I was home by 4, big thanks go out to my buddy eckoe for that one since I was dropped off at my driveway, which I then immediately started shoveling it and the sidewalks. I did a pass at 4:30, did another pass at 8:15 and then the latest pass at it this morning at 5:45. So far we've gotten probably 8 inches in Arvada with another up to 10 inches on the way. There is a blizzard effect on the eastern plains till 6pm Sunday, yeah, Sunday.

I'm working from home today, the Boulder office is officially closed. My wife is already at work, a coworker with four wheel drive picked her up, and is the only one there the last time she checked in.

I'll leave you with yet another photo of the snow, this is our front walk. Stay warm out there folks and if you live in Colorado/Wyoming area don't go anywhere unless you have to.
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