Friday, January 25, 2008

First Opening day countdown post of 2008!

The home opener for the Rockies is April 4, 2008 at 2:05pm, tickets are not yet on sale unless you want to go to get a ticket for Sat or Sun as well. That's 10 weeks away or 70 days. If you are interested in the "official" opening day countdown it is March 25, in Tokyo, but there are Spring training games until March 31 so not sure if that is really legitimately official . . .

For those of who you have cravings but do not know what you really want check out cookthink and see if it helps you find what you are looking for, food wise anyway.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Random Quirkiness

Hey all,

A couple of bits of random quirkiness I've noticed in my 2 and a half weeks downtown;

1. The guy who once a week washes the walkway areas at the Pavilions, in 12 degree weather.
2. The guy who is daily mopping up the driveway of the hotel that is on my building's block, in the same 12 degree weather.
3. That no matter how crowded that mall shuttle is, 4 more people can manage to jam into it, 4 more per entrance.

and finally;

4. That from when I leave my house to when I get into the door of the office I could stop for coffee at; 2 McDonalds, 1 Pete's Coffee, 2 Paradise Bakery's, 1 Corner Bakery, 1 Einstein's, 1 7-11 and SEVEN Starbucks.

Happy Hump day!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

"The man who doesn't read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them." - Mark Twain

Now I won't be as brash as to say I read good books but I have been reading more lately. If you're interested in what I'm reading sign up at Goodreads and send me an email so I can add you as a friend.

I just finished a pretty good book called Skunkworks and I am currently working on 2 books; a cook book entitled "Roast Chicken and other stories" and "Last Chance to eat: the fate of taste in a fast food world". I've been starting to post reviews of what I'm reading on Goodreads, brief, but there.

Go Packers!

Friday, January 11, 2008

friday wrap-up

So far so good at the new job. I haven't been super busy but haven't been super bored either. I'm already booked for my first trip to see a client, fortunately this is a rarity for my job. We're rolling out new 2008 initiatives to them so it is a good time for me to go meet that team, and it is only a one night trip.

2 non-work related things for you to ponder over the weekend.

1. I do not like the new newsgator interface for marking feeds read, I may need to convert to google reader, Curtis will be so happy.

2. I made a spinach salad with walnuts, blood orange pieces and a blood orange vinaigrette last night. It was very very tasty and I am convinced that the extra orange zest in the dressing is what made it come together. So for all you salad lovers out there get to King Soopers this week while those blood oranges are on sale!

Monday, January 07, 2008

hmmmm New Job breakfast

I'm killing some time before my first day on the new job. See they don't want me to get there until 9am, and for those of you who know my normal schedule you realize that is two full HOURS after I am used to being at work. Once I have a badge that schedule should change a little bit. I have all the paperwork and documentation ready to take with me, I need to pack my lunch still but other than that I'm ready to roll!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Last bus leaving Boulder at 5:30

Yesterday was the last day I'll take the bus trip to/from Boulder for work. You see I have been offered and accepted a position with a new company in downtown Denver. Starting on Monday I'll be taking one express bus into downtown and then a short walk down the 16th Street Mall to the new office. I'm not sure what all my job will be at the new company but I am very excited about it and looking forward to a new challenge.

Hopefully the new job will inspire me to write more often, we'll have to see what the new year brings. Happy New Year everyone!