Thursday, December 21, 2006

Basil got in the garage!

This morning we ventured out to see if the big tree in the front lost any branches in the blizzard. To do this we snuck past the foot of snow on the front stoop, into the garage, open the garage door and peek around the corner. This was not a good enough view so we started to shovel down the driveway, something we would need to do today anyway to get the car back into the garage but something I was not looking forward to. We got a skinny path shoveled out down the driveway but still could not see onto the roof. At this point we figured shoveling down driveway was easy so down to the sidewalk from the stoop would be too. After 15 minutes and 15 feet of progress I thought to ask my wife "Honey did you shovel this part yesterday?", "No just the driveway". Well that would explain why I was 15 feet down the 25 foot drive and she was already done with the entire driveway. 15 minutes later we had the entire walk cleared and had started on the sidewalk which only took about 5 minutes or so. At this point we had most of the snow taken care of, we just needed to get the car up the driveway and into the garage. My wife was getting help last night from the neighbor trying to get it up the drive but it was either high centered or just sitting on ice as the front tires were just spinning and she wasn't going in either direction. So we got the driveway cleared off, cleared out a foot or two behind the car and made sure that the pavement in the direction of the driveway was clear of ice. We got the car warmed up, no crack in the windshield fortunately, and it backed up with a little help from me pushing. I had my wife roll down the window and told her, "gun it and try not to hit me", she did and with no pushing Basil made it up the driveway and into the garage. There was probably a foot of snow still under where he had slept for the night last night but that was easy to clear off as well. With that done we turned our attention to knocking the snow hanging off the garage, over the gutter, thinking as it melts it might rip the gutter off the garage. After a few hits we had knocked some of the snow off but it was still hanging over the roof by almost a foot. I got after it with the longer snow shovel and was slowly going to work my way down the garage like my wife did, after two smacks though a chunk of snow 12 feet long by 1 food wide and deep sheared off the garage, fortunately without the gutter. So now we're officially done with shoveling, the backyard can melt on its own, and starting to figure out the getting to work scenarios for tomorrow. At this point the car can get about 1 foot into the street and then will be stuck again so it's not looking good for either of us to drive unless a plow goes down our street, Wadsworth has probably been plowed by know but we'd have a heck of a time getting there. RTD is on a Sunday schedule tomorrow which would get me to work right around 11:15am unless I get a ride from a coworker from a semi close Park and Ride. Either way tomorrow should be a little warmer but stay bundled up and drink some cocoa.

The first photo is one my wife took last night when she got home, that's how far the car got. The second photo is the result of our hard labors shoveling the walk today and the third is another spot of Basil stuck in the snow last night, poor boy.

These last two photos are of the compost pile in October and a view of the pile this afternoon from the same spot, just for comparison.

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