Monday, August 06, 2007

WATB: Semi-Retired

Waiting at the bus stop is going into semi-retirement starting today. You see I know only have half the time on the bus now as I did on Friday, I have a car. That's right, shocking I know, we bought a "new to us" car that I'll be driving up and down Wads everyday. I'll post some pics later this week of the new car.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Broncos Training Camp, towards S. Yosemite my butt

My brother called me last week and asked if I wanted to go to see the Broncos scrimmage this Saturday, of course I said yes, why not, and since he'd suggested it I assumed it was free. As kids when Broncos camp was in Greeley we'd always wanted to go but never managed to make it down. Since this time last year we were all in Cheyenne getting ready for my brother's wedding we couldn't do it then or I'm sure he would have suggested it then.

Since I was driving I checked out the intertubes for directions to Dove Valley and wrote them down, the first turn off of I-25 was the Arapahoe exit and Yahoo Maps tells me to turn towards S. Yosemite St., yeah that's wrong, take a left.

The parking lot opens at 7:30, had we not got turned around we would have been there at 7:30, we got there around 7:50, got parked no problem, awfully glad we drove the Mini since we fit in a spot some people decided against. We decided we'd eat breakfast at the car, we should have taken it with us and got into the line. There's a line to get in see and two "security" guards who turn people away who have bags that are too big or "a professional lens" for their camera, which seemed to mean any non tiny digital camera.

Once we got into the gates we were shuffled around the fields and we soon realized we wouldn't be on the nice little hill that you see in most of the photos from camp.

So we had a good time, we were there about 3 hours total, and learned some things;
1. Turn left (East) onto Arapahoe off of I-25.
2. Get there at 7:30 to park
3. Get into line right away, you can throw away your trash before you go through the gate.
4. Sunscreen (yes Mom we remembered)
5. Stadium pads, sitting on the grass is great and all but for 3 hours?
6. Dad would love this, Dad we're taking you next year.