Monday, September 25, 2006

Little Miss Sunshine

Here's how the movie would have gone with a bigger budget provided by MTV Films;

Intro - A perfect little girl gets second place in a local pageant show when she's a state away to visit her cousins.

Backstory - The mother works at the local megalomart, the father has a harebrained idea about selling a self improvement idea, the 9 steps. The older sister is a counter culture wack job.
The grandmother is a former beauty queen who's only passion is now teaching the little girl what it takes to become little miss sunshine, they live in Arizona, next year.

The Story - turns out the girl who won the local pageant was disqualified so our perfect little girl is now able to compete in this year's little miss sunshine pageant! Golly Gee! But it's in 37 hours, cue clock on the lower right hand corner. Proceed to have the entire family need to ALL drive the hours long trip to the pageant, oh did i mention they're not well to do. Insert hijinks here about cars breaking down, losing bags, grandma dying, taking a side trip to try to sell the motivational program one more time (this time it works!).

Final scene cuts to perfect little girl performing the act that grandma taught her, and getting a perfect score just enough to push her to the title of little miss sunshine.

OK now substitute all the funny things working out parts for things not, substitute a drug using grandpa for perfect grandma, insert a gay suicidal uncle who plays off the now counter culture brother and have the ending still be touching and you have the movie we went and saw, and it was good. Rent it.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Adventures in rot

I've mentioned before that we got a compost pile started in the side yard of our place, I've been putting mostly grass clippings and kitchen scraps into it to this point. The weekend we cleaned out the gutters we put the already rotting leaves into the compost pile and I figured it would be a great time to turn the pile since my wife had mentioned it was starting to stink a little bit. When you compost correctly it shouldn't stink, I was not sure what to expect. Well when you put mostly grass clippings into a compost pile and don't turn it every week or so like you should you find layers of rotted grass; slimey, stinky, rotted grass. So I used my nice new pitchfork to turn everything onto a tarp, flipped it all over and put it back into the pile, then we dumped the leaves from the gutters into the pile.

Last night there was a good bit of wind in our area that blew down a few leaves, not as many as I will be raking up in October I am sure though. Leaves are a great thing to be putting into the compost pile and since it had been a few weeks it was time to turn the compost pile again. Today's experience was much nicer and turning the compost pile did not bring a swarm of flies and the compost is staring to look like, compost!

The next compost related project is to turn our bin into a two bin bin so turning the pile is an easier endeavor, which no doubt means I do it more often creating less stinky compost much faster than would happen otherwise.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Cows go moo

The CowParade has come to Denver and we spotted one that reminded us of home, so we naturally had to take a picture of its butt. Hmmmm rump roast . . . .

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Review: Talladega Nights

We were downtown having lunch with friends yesterday and after paying for 7 hours of parking at Union Station, good deal at only $5, we thought we'd catch a flick at the theater at the pavilions. Not too much was playing that we wanted to see or had not already seen. It was a toss up between Talladega Nights and Accepted, seeing as Talladega Nights would have better big screen affects that was the choice, oh and there was a cougar in it.

The movie was OK, not great, not horrible and I think better than Nacho Libre which we also saw this summer. The driving scenes were really well put together and as a NASCAR fan I appreciated that they got some drivers and both the NBC and Fox TV crews into the movie. Will Ferrell was of course good, he plays dumb very very well. I left the theatre not thinking that all the funny parts were in the previews or commercials but the more I thought about it not all the funny parts from those previews and commercials were actually in the movie either, is that false advertising?

So I give it 3 and a half stars plus one rocket ship on my non-existent scale of movie ratings, catch it at the cheap seats, it's worth it for the big screen but don't pay more than $7 to see it.

Friday, September 08, 2006

scenes from the bus

I got to over hear snippets of a conversation today between two probably 17 year old girls that went something like this . . . "i'm into like underground bands, bands that're so underground like nobody's heard of 'em" and this . . "have you heard of the Atari's, and their song Boys of Summer, I like got it and the original and the techno version and listened to them all in a row, for a month" and finally "why does music suck so much these days, I mean I never see anyone I like on TRL anymore" does that mean you did like TRL before, because it's the same crap just a different band!

Yes, I should post scenes from a bus more often, I agree. Please, move along, nothing more to see here folks.

so i posted last when?

So . . . yeah, it's been awhile. I've been, uh, working, and uh, seeing my folks alot lately, yeah, and really that's about it, well 99% of that is the working really, ask my wife, she'll tell ya. I promise a bigger than 3 line post sometime before the next Chinese New Year, and now I must catch a bus, yeah i'm still at work!