Friday, February 02, 2007

WATB: Helping a little old lady

I'm going with the "Waiting at the bus stop idea" to the tune of Car Wash.

So it's a little cold here, 18 below this morning was the low, it's 24 below with the windchill right now. It wasn't much warmer last night for the ride home. As I got on my last bus on the way home a little old lady got on with a suitcase. She was on her way to her sister's house from her daughter's house in Cheyenne. She had left at 1:30 in the afternoon, it was bout 7:30pm when we got on the bus.

We traveled south, I did the Sudoku, everyone tried to stay warm on the bus. As we approached my stop the little old lady talked to the driver, I didn't catch the conversation though. The driver stopped the bus as we approached the stop, but on the other side of the intersection than normal, whatever I hopped off, as did the little old lady. She had decided to head to the McDonalds and call a cab instead of getting off at the normal bus stop that didn't have a shelter.

It was at this point that my Boy Scout training kicked in, I asked if she needed a hand with her suitcase, she did, so I helped her with her suitcase and we made it to the McDonalds, then I headed home. On the way home I realized, I had actually helped a little old lady cross the street.

You have to love the little things in life.
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