Monday, February 19, 2007

Braindump: Vacation

I meant to post this before vacation started, but nonetheless here it is;

We've watched Cars and Road to Perdition, both pretty good, this may have links to the reviews later.

I went to Blackhawk for a poker tournament, I did before and swore to take notes if I did it again, I suck and I didn't. I finished 5th again, fortunately they paid the top 7 spots so I came away with some money, I'm almost even in Blackhawk.

We went to a lacrosse game with some friends which was quite a good time. A ticket, a hot dog and a beer for only $10.

We got season tickets for the Crush again! We're totally excited, the games start in March.

I have my tickets for opening day, it's only 49 days away now!

Oh and the vacation thing, we're in Thailand!

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