Thursday, January 25, 2007


As most of you know I'm a bus rider. I commute to and from work everyday via RTD . Occasional hilarity occurs during the commute, I've mentioned this before.

Last night was a whole new level of fun. I was sitting at the Broomfield Park n Ride, doing the Sudoku, when the police showed up. They asked who had called and then talked to the gentleman who indicated he had. The officer then came to the other side of the shelter and pointed his flashlight towards me and said "Sir, come with me", I looked up to see a cop with a flashlight and my heart skipped a beat or two. Fortunately he was talking to the fellow to my right. The officer started talking to the guy outside the shelter while his partner started to ask if anyone else had seen what had happened. One person spoke up to say the two had each been listening to music and had a disagreement about it, or the volume of the music, I did for certain catch something about "He's just drunk and looking to talk about his problems", I was doing Sudoko which is complicated so I was focused and not really paying attention. During this the shelter starts to empty out, folks meandering to "look at the bus schedule", yeah right, these 6 people ride the same bus everyday at the same exact time same as me, they don't need a schedule, they are just checking out how things are going down with the cop and the drunk fellow. After about five minutes of searching the guys pockets the officers handcuff him and around that time another patrol car shows up, no lights, just parked in the normal bus parking/loading spot. As they start to escort the handcuffee away he says something to the guy who called this in, the officers didn't like that. Then a brief struggle, I'm hearing all this while still doing my Sudoko but look up when I hear a thud. It is the guy handcuffed shoved up against the glass of the shelter and the officer telling him "John this is about 3 seconds away from going down real bad." to which "John" responds "Man this already went down real bad, I'm wearin' handcuffs man".

So, I think this kind of thing should be a "semi-regular feature" but I need a name for it so I'm soliciting suggestions for the 3 of you who read my blog. Go!
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