Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Random Quirkiness

Hey all,

A couple of bits of random quirkiness I've noticed in my 2 and a half weeks downtown;

1. The guy who once a week washes the walkway areas at the Pavilions, in 12 degree weather.
2. The guy who is daily mopping up the driveway of the hotel that is on my building's block, in the same 12 degree weather.
3. That no matter how crowded that mall shuttle is, 4 more people can manage to jam into it, 4 more per entrance.

and finally;

4. That from when I leave my house to when I get into the door of the office I could stop for coffee at; 2 McDonalds, 1 Pete's Coffee, 2 Paradise Bakery's, 1 Corner Bakery, 1 Einstein's, 1 7-11 and SEVEN Starbucks.

Happy Hump day!
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