Wednesday, August 02, 2006


*note* I forgot to get this posted on Wednesday, d'oh!

How oh how can you let Josh Fogg pitch a 1 run ball game and then give him a loss? A ND is better than a loss after a great pitching performance like that and Fogg at least deserved that! How can you get the leadoff guy to third and then not bring him in in the bottom of the 9th! These are the kind of things the Rockies need to do to really breakthrough as a division leader, fortunately the NL West is a forgiving mistress and they remain only 3 games out of first place and under .500

The game itself was fun though, the first foul ball hit towards us all year and it was just over our heads. Rob got a chance to do the flyball challenge thing and caught one out of two, not too shabby. And of course our favorite mascot was near our section to deliver a pizza to some lucky fans. Hey Dinger spin your head around, it freaks out the kids!
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