Saturday, July 13, 2013

Menu Time: July 15th - 19th, 2013

Monday - Grilled Chicken salad
The "plan" is to hit the farmers market in Olde Town on Sunday morning to snag some veggies and greens to toss with some grilled chicken. 

Tuesday - Beef and Potato Tacos, Guacamole
Taco night is a little different around here. Instead of frying ground beef we boil it with a dice up potato then drain it and mix in the spices. It makes for tender beef and is a touch healthier. Until you fry the taco.

Wednesday - Whatever is in the house Curry
Usually this is carrots, potatoes, peas and some leftover shredded chicken or pork. It's useful for getting rid of those last bites of leftover protein and veggies.

Thursday - Wheat Berry salad
If I can find Wheat Berries we'll give this a go. 

Friday - Grilled pizza
Another great way to use up some random leftovers. We've accumulated some pizza sauce from the local calzone place in the freezer so we'll defrost one of those for sauce, use whatever leftover meat and grilled veggies we have and call it good.
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