Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Garden Update: Beginning of August Harvest

The garden is exploding with produce. Exploding might be the wrong word, but the fact remains we are harvesting on a daily basis!

Zucchini continue to show up at a rate of 2 a week and the cucumbers are showing up at almost 2 a day. Fortunately we really really like cucumbers and have friends willing to take them off our hands, and family, and strangers.

The Early Girl tomatoes are starting to ripen up nicely, in fact I pulled 7 of them out tonight, but more about that later.

I was initially disappointed in the pepper production, and I still am. We do have a few peppers growing nicely, I suspect they will be seen again here in a salsa recipe soon.

Tonight I harvested 6 tomatoes, a couple sprigs of basil, a few cucumbers and a zucchini while the rain had died down for a few minutes, it is pouring again as I write this.

The zucchini became the first course of the evening, zucchini soup. The tomatoes and basil went into a quick no cook sauce that we tossed with some spaghetti. The cucumbers were chopped into a quick salad, we are running out of ways to use them!

After dinner we realized that not only was this meal vegetarian but it was vegan too! Despite the taste of creaminess in the soup it contains no dairy whatsoever, just some olive oil, garlic, zucchini and water. We both agree that adding balls of mozzarella to the pasta would have made it even better. Fortunately for us there are plenty of tomatoes waiting to be transformed into additional pasta goodness to test the cheese hypothesis.
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