Sunday, February 03, 2008

Who will you be voting for on Tuesday?

First off, I hope that all of you who are in states that have a primary or are holding a caucus are planning on participating, regardless of who you are supporting. "Super Tuesday" is only 2 days away, in fact in just 51 hours we'll be sitting down in Colorado to caucus. I had been a John Edwards supporter and was a little sad about his decision to postpone his campaign earlier this week but that did not stop me from wanting to participate in the caucus on Tuesday and have a say in who the Democratic nominee is.

Since I figure John won't be gathering the necessary 15% of delegates at the caucus on Tuesday I will need a 2nd choice, so I spent last night checking out the sites for Hillary and Barack to see whose policies I was more with sync in. All in all they are very similar and either of them will be a great candidate and President, but what set them apart for me was that Barack's policies and plans for Pre-K education and investment in Math and Science in K-12 that were very well thought out and articulated. He understands that early education is important and that America needs to make an investment in Math and Science to ensure we are the leaders in innovation throughout the 21st century. So on Tuesday night I will be a vote for Obama at the caucus. If you want to get involved in the campaign check out and get involved with your local groups.
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