Saturday, June 08, 2013

Menu Time: June 10th - 14th, 2013

It's heating up out there so more grilling and chilling on this week's menu. There's a craving for lasagna at our house and nobody wants the oven on so i'm venturing out and trying a crock pot lasagna recipe. 

Has anyone out there tried one of these before? Super great? Utter failure?

Crockpot lasagna (I'll start with this recipe but mostly wing it and a salad.

We'll be at a baseball game, yeah! There's nothing wrong with hotdogs for dinner every once in awhile.

It's designated grilling night at our house. I'll grab whatever looks good at the meat counter and veggie bin at Sprouts on the way home. This week i'm going to make a lemon, herb, butter sauce to pour over the top of things.

Zucchini soup and grilled cheese. We've been making this soup for years, I can't believe I never posted the recipe.

Grilled pizzas are a great way to finish off any leftover random meat/grilled veggies from the week. Pesto, chicken, grilled green beans and feta? Beef, potato, roasted peppers and cheddar?
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