Monday, April 27, 2009

Menu Time: April 27, 2009

What forgotten wonders lay waiting to be cooked in your freezer? Yesterday I found some meatballs, half a loaf of french bread, chicken breasts and a frozen pie crust. All of these find their way into dinners this week.

Chicken fried rice - this is turning into quite the staple around our house and is a great way to use up those random leftover bits of veg and meat from the previous week you just could not bear to throw out!

Open face meatball subs, Asparagus and peas with herb butter

Going to the baseball game, and it's $1 hot dog night, I'll let you guess what we're having. That's right, nachos, or maybe tacos before the game . . or a burrito from the guy outside the stadium . . or sushi on the way there . . so many choices . . struggling to choose . . must get back to blog post . .

Chicken Pot Pie and salad

Asparagus and ham frittata with oven roasted potatoes

Delivery Pizza night, everybody deserves a night off from the cooking after all
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