Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Menu Time: March 3, 2009

It feels like a short week this week as we are getting ready for my folks to come to town. My brother and are planning some festivities for dinner on Saturday, more to follow. This week's menu is all about using up leftovers from the weekend, all of which meant this week's grocery trip involved milk, yogurt, fruit, broccoli, 2 potatoes and an onion, that was it, amazing.

Pork chops, broccoli, cheesy mashed potatoes, salad and apple sauce.
(pork chops were in the freezer, broccoli was bought, leftover mashed potatoes from Saturday lunch, salad from Sunday dinner and apple sauce from my wife's root canal)

Turkey/ham/cheese wraps.
(we're meeting up with friends for a movie tonight and we're all bringing something to have a picnic, you have to take advantage of this 70 degree weather while it's here!)

Zucchini soup, BLTs

Hash, peas and carrots
(Leftover roast from Saturday lunch, hopefully this is a way to use up roast that we always seem to throw away . . )

Edamame, chicken fried rice, egg drop soup

I'll have an update on dinner Saturday later this week . . quick hint, there will be a theme ingredient and of course a challenge. This one will probably end up in more debate than the Chile cookoff from New Years Eve.
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