Sunday, March 29, 2009

Eggplant is the the kitchen's equivalent of Led Zepplin

I want to like eggplant . . I really do. In fact I've tried it a few different ways in the past year but still haven't found any recipe that makes me say . . now that was good eggplant! If it was a highly nutritious food I would find a way to sneak it in more but that's just not the case. So this past week we had some eggplant parm . . and it was OK, but not great. It is kinda like (brace yourself Caleb) my feeling toward Led Zepplin . . I want to like the music . . but I just don't.

So if anybody has a great eggplant recipe I need to try please shoot it my way, but in the meantime I won't be making any space for it in the garden, fridge or on the plate any time soon.

Besides eggplant we did have some tasty eats this week, here's a quick rundown from the week that was.

Steak, peas and carrots and scalloped potatoes (still too crunchy, i swear these take 2 hours to cook right).
Black Bean and rice enchiladas (totally making these again for the freezer)
Eggplant Parm and spaghetti (we've already discussed this . . no need to re-hash . . hm hashbrowns . . need to make breakfast soon)
Beef and Broc stirfry, fried rice ( I think i finally got the fried rice figured out, it was very tasty!)

A quick preview of this next week, Brussels Sprouts (they're only .99/pound at sunflower this week and every so tasty!) which are especially for Nate and Amy who said they aren't fans, I think we'll make believers out of them this week though.
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