Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Menu Time: February 4, 2009

Did you know that February is national hot breakfast month? Yeah me neither . . and now on a completely different subject! Dinner this week!

This week and next we're a little heavy on the beef in the menu to try to use up the rest of our quarter cow from last year. We're getting this year's delivery early (next weekend!) so it's time to eat it up or share the love, Curt you already got some, no cow for you!

Ate out with my wife's family

Grilled cheese and some quick noodle soup out of turkey stock, egg noodles and some frozen peas (we hadn't been to the store yet for the week . . )

Steak sandwich (mine will have peppers and onions) with leftover steak from Super Bowl quesadillas, oven fries, grilled asparagus

Pork chops, rice pilaf, salad, roasted cauliflower

Steak, grilled polenta, steamed broccoli
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