Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No Menu Time this week

We're out and about the second half of the week so the cooking is limited at the homestead this week, mostly clearing leftovers outta the fridge/freezer and taking advantage of some gift cards.

In the meanwhile compare what you keep in your pantry and freezer to what some well respected food authors think you should be keeping.

Mark Bittman - The Latest Must-Haves for the Pantry
We've switched over to mostly making vinaigrette on an as needed basis over the course of the last year and while we are not growing herbs indoors, yet, we will have a fresh herbs at our fingertips once the garden goes in this spring. This year I'm trying to make the switch to more whole grains (damn you quinoa I will make you correctly!) and dried beans.

Michael Ruhlman - The Freezer Pantry
Stock, Stock and more Stock is already in our freezer, and of course bacon! One comment I especially loved was to freeze cookie dough already portioned, that would save us from having to thaw it out 12 hours before we want cookies, brilliant!
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