Friday, October 17, 2008

31 days, 31 reasons - Reason #13 - A long term energy and climate plan

Barack Obama and Joe Biden understand we can't just fix things for today, we need a plan for the future, every one's future not just the oil companies.  Here's a really simplified version.

1. Acknowledge that climate change is real - America needs to be the leader on this.  There is no reason for us to sit around and whine that we won't do it if China won't do it, that's not leadership that's acting like a 5 year old.  Step up, be a big kid and tell the rest of the world we understand that if we don't take action now we'll pay more for it later and we're ready to get to work.

2. Invest in an new energy economy - Spend $150 Billion over 10 years to train returning veterans, retool companies and create job training programs to build the new energy economy.  $150 is $30 billion less than we spent in Iraq last year and $550 billion less than the government bailout that was signed into law earlier this month.  I think we can find a way to raise the $15 Billion a year to create 5 Million new jobs.

3.  Do something about our gas consumption - We have 3% of the worlds oil reserves.  We consume 25% of the worlds oil.  I'm trying to come up with an example that uses cupcakes but keeping getting distracted by the thought of cupcakes . . . hmmmmmm.  So . . back to the post . . we retooled Detroit from making cars to making tanks in the 40's, why can't we invest to retool Detroit from making Gas Guzzlers to making cheap hybrids?  Cause it's hard?  Most things worth doing ain't easy Susy, suck it up and pay your dues.

4. Acknowledge that drilling and renewable energy are a way forward - Remember that 3%?  Got no problems going to get some of it.  The oil companies have leases on 68 million acres of land and 40 million acres of coast line, that they don't do anything with.  Use it or lose it boys just like my Health Savings account.  But Oil isn't the only solution.  It will be a mix of wind, solar, bio-fuels, nuclear, clean coal, etc. that get us stable, local, clean energy.

OK I'm done typing about energy.  If you want to read more go here;  And if you are too lazy to read print it out, come to my house and I'll read it to you, unless I'm out canvassing ;).
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