Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rally Time!

I took the day off Tuesday to go to a political rally, I was a volunteer. Nothing too big, just a local thing.

Former Denver Mayor Frederico Pena was there.

Current Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper was there.

Colorado Governor Bill Ritter was there.

Oh and Barack Obama was there!

It was an awesome event in Golden. I was asked to volunteer at the event by the Field Organizer in Arvada. Fortunately we had the cushy assignment to seat the wristband folks (VIPs) who sat in the first four rows and then got to see the speech from just to the, only about 30 feet away from the podium.

The highlight of the day was after we helped clean up and put away chairs. The Secret Service walked the volunteers into a smaller gym and split us into 3 groups. A staff member came by each group and informed us to get lined up for a photo and leave space for the Senator in the middle. Senator Obama. Fortunately nobody passed out. More fortunately Senator Obama shook every volunteers hand, woo hoo! Unfortunately I don't have the URL for the photo yet!!!
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