Sunday, June 04, 2006

comings and goings

I'm alive, really.

Let's catch up.

We went to the Crush game last Sunday, it was a good season that fell apart in the first playoff game. The old cliche of the team that makes the fewest mistakes will win reared it's ugly head. The cliche should be "the team that can capitalize on opportunities will win", that's what happened to the Crush, it seemed that every mistake they made turned immediately into a touchdown for Chicago. Regardless of the outcome of the game we really enjoyed the season and will probably be getting season tickets again next year.

Memorial day was a busy one, I made tortillas and breakfast burritos, mowed the lawn, bought lamps, bought a slip cover for the couch, got a new chandelier for over the dining room table and had dinner with my wife's folks.

It was a busy week at work, that's enough about that. Friday night we met a friend for dinner and desert in Boulder. The mall in Boulder on a Friday evening is always entertaining, as I was walking to dinner I over heard a street performer blow into a whistle and yell "I'm going to do a show if 10 people come see me, I'm not very good". I need a whistle and bongo drums, I could do that, I wonder if you need a permit.

This weekend was fun, my family was having a reunion, which I forgot about until Thursday night, so much for the weekend home improvement plans my wife had, oops. It was good to see my Dad's siblings, Grandpa and other assorted family. We weren't able to stick around for dinner but did have a great time visiting with everyone and I'm glad we were able to make it since this kinda get together only happens for my family once every other year or so.

Saturday night we helped my father-in-law take down some wall paper in the living room of their place in preparation of stairs from the living room to the basement. Getting the wallpaper off the wall was easy, getting the two layers of glue paper was not. If you are ever going to take down wallpaper get a scrub sponge and a water bottle, it makes it tons easier.

Today was a pretty slow day around the house, watered the lawn, trimmed the bushes by the garage and grilled some pork chops and corn for dinner, hmmm grill.

Well that sums up the week very briefly, and now to watch a few minutes of Iron Chef, battle Bacon!
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