Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Your mission if you choose to accept it . . .

. . is to find natural casing hot dogs. I wish I could tell you that was the message my Dad left me on my voice mail, but instead I answered the phone and deprived him the pleasure of leaving me a Mission Impossible style message. I of course accepted the challenge, it was food after all, and I would get to eat one of these hot dogs. First of course I had to figure out what a natural casing hot dog was. Wikipediamobile away!

Hm, OK. Dad suggested Sabretts as a brand to try to find. I think this is because he found their hot dog sauce recipe online, but I wouldn't want to jump to conclusions. So onward and upward on my quest for hot dogs, first stop Sunflower Farmers Market, well first phone call anyway. No luck, well surely Wild Oats/Whole Foods would have them right? Once I was connected to the meat department, and once someone answered the phone . . "Maybe the Cherry Creek store has them, they make their own hot dogs, but they are skinless". Skinless hot dogs are not natural casing hot dogs, if I wanted skinless I'd just go to Safeway, but I would not be deterred.

I called Sabretts, specifically the rep who sells to distributors in Colorado to see if he'd sold to any retailers in the Denver metro area. They don't, they don't sell to anyone in the state, but they have a very helpful website if you'd like to order via the Internet. This of course would have been helpful if I needed the dogs in 2 weeks. Not 2 days. Still undeterred, and realizing that if you say frankfurter instead of hot dog it makes more sense to the guy on the other end of the phone, I surfed on.

A coworker popped up over the cube wall and said she was stopping at Tony's that night, she'd see if they had them. "Tony's . . . what?" I said. She couldn't believe I hadn't heard of Tony's Market, of course why would I, the closest one is down in Littleton on Bowles, not exactly a quick trip. I was willing to let somebody else make a trip for me though to check it out. Not only were my coworkers helping out but so were my wife's. They suggested Edwards Meats, conveniently on the way home from work, for my wife.

Edwards is legen . . . wait for it . . . dary! OK maybe not that cool, but it is pretty great, and they make their own sausage. This was deemed an acceptable substitute for natural casing hot dogs by the big boss, aka Dad. Once I got home we headed to Edwards to pick up some sausage, and check out the other wares of Edwards. As I was waiting for our sausage order my lovely wife was taking a stroll through the rest of the store and found . . natural casing hot dogs. So armed with a dozen assorted sausage and half a dozen natural casing hot dogs we checked out and headed home to throw it all in the freezer so it could make the trip north.

The sausage and dogs were enjoyed by all. The dogs have a great bite to them, they kinda snap when you bite into them, and the dog sauce on them was pretty tasty. All in all weekend was a good one, and I was reminded that there are deer that come into town in Guernsey from the river, but not usually in the middle of the day, that's new! These guys were in the neighbors yard just an hour or so before we left for Denver on Sunday afternoon.
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