Friday, May 16, 2008

Last Night's Dinner: Burgers and fries

I almost forgot to take a pic of last night's cow usage, in fact I didn't remember until I'd wolfed down half of dinner, d'oh!

We got to enjoy the new grill last night for the first time, we were pretty excited, and nothing is better off the grill around our house than some hamburgers. I was in charge of dinner while my wife was at the gym with a coworker. First up was getting the potato wedges peeled and in the oven roasting. Next up was making patties with the rest of a package of ground beef (the offer half went into tacos, no need to re-post that though).

My wife's was a fairly standard burger, just some salt and pepper and topped off with some cheese the last minute on the grill. I wanted a little more zip last night though so I stuffed it with some roasted Hatch chili diced up fine and some shredded cheddar. I have always used the stuffing method that involves making two really thin patties and smooshing them together with the good stuff in between, this usually ends up making a giant meatball instead of a burger though. Last night I tried the method where you make a ball with the meat, poke a hole in it for stuffing and then flatten it out into the patty. I did find that this method worked really well and with no loss of stuffing. You can just see some cheese and chili's oozing out in the pic above.

Of course it isn't really summer for us until there is a cucumber/tomato salad with dinner. We are really looking forward to August when the produce for that is sourced from the backyard. The grill worked great and we're looking forward to using it again tonight on some pork chops. Adventures this summer on the grill will include pizza, beer butt chicken and maybe an adventure in smoking, of course all of this, success and utter miserable failure alike will be shared with all of you, including the gory pics ;).

Chili Stuff Burgers
1/4 pound ground beef
salt and pepper
1 oz chopped roasted green chili of your choice (I have Hatch on hand)
1 oz grated cheese

1. Mix the salt and pepper into the beef
2. Form the beef into a ball and poke a hole into it just past the center.
3. Stuff the chili and cheese into the hole and cover it over.
4. Form a patty by gently pressing/patting the ball into shape, about 3/4 of an inch thick.
5. Grill over a medium-high grill for about 5 minutes per side.
6. Serve it up
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