Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Rockies Triple Play

Over the past 3 days we've spent a lot of time at the ballpark. We inherited some tickets for the Sunday game at the last minute from some friends, thanks guys! That day game was warmer than expected, and our seats were sunnier than expected, these things combined for a resulting sunburn that is still pink but gradually getting less tender.

The Monday night game was the complete opposite, I went from short sleeves to two coats, hat and gloves in just over 24 hours. Spring in Colorado is pretty awesome*! Finally the Rockies won a game and Cook's gem of an outing didn't go to waste. I hear that it was the fastest game in Rockies history as well, wouldn't be surprised since it was too cold to swing at the ball.

Tuesday's game was the first one for our normal Tuesday night tickets. This year the group is up to 6 from the original 4 of the past two years, we're slowly assimilating baseball fans into our clutches. Another game where pitching was pretty good overall and really great in spots, hopefully this was a confidence boosting game for Uball. Maybe most importantly is the fact that they Rox scored more than 2 runs for the first time this year. Hopefully this trend continues and they can turn things around when they go to the Snake Pit this weekend.

*We're under a Winter Storm watch as of 8 tonight and expecting 3-8" of snow in the city on Thursday, then a heat wave and highs in the mid 60's for the weekend!
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