Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day! I didn't even get you a card!

Did you celebrate Earth Day yesterday? I did by flying over 1400 miles, eco friendly huh? yeah, not really. So the "latest hip thing" is to be green, eco-friendly, insert hippy term here. This is something I'm not entirely opposed to the idea, I do take the bus to work instead of drive, and we have bought some of those CFL bulbs, but we're not weaving our own shoes out of hemp or anything.

Since I've been reading more and more food related blogs (like you hadn't noticed) the big thing for Earth Day on the blogs was to eat "green", or responsibly. There is growing debate about how much impact on carbon emissions eating locally actually has, but that's not what this blog post is about. The main theme I saw in many posts yesterday and today was for folks to start their own garden. So we started a garden.

To be honest though we didn't start it to be "green". We started it for the tomatoes. And the cucumbers. And the magic that happens when you combine the two in a salad with some balsamic and olive oil. So this past weekend we planted our first seeds outside, some romaine lettuce and some spinach. Hopefully, if all goes well, they should be sprouting in about another 21 days or so, I'm not really sure I've never done this.

The next step is to finish the main area of the garden by taking out the last of the tree stump left that we took out. Then tilling in some leaves and manure (the compost isn't quite there yet but will be by fall). Come the middle of May I'll put some seeds in the ground for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, herbs and some flowers. The middle of June will see us planting some store bought seedlings, I want to see which will do better. Maybe next year we'll get a grow light and start some seeds inside ourselves, just need to find a place that will be warm enough . .

So watch for more and more garden updates, unless it all dies in which case we'll never speak of this again.
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