Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pirates of the ongoing sequels

It was a nice lazy Saturday today for my wife and I. We woke up around 9am which was justified sleeping in after staying out semi late to attend Jack's going away party at Casa Bonita. *side note about CB . . we did not venture into Black Bart's cave this time, which is a good thing as the 25 or so of us may have decided to camp out in there until escorted out * I got out to mow the lawn around 10am, the rain did wonders for the side that I still can't get the sprinklers to automatically turn on on, and my wife went to the bank and her folks place to avoid that lovely freshly mowed grass smell. After cleaning up a bit it was time for some lunch, not much too cook with in the fridge today but a package of those nifty tortellini from Barilla and a tin of Italian style tomatoes turns into a decent lunch.

After lunch it was time to venture beyond our own neck of the woods and over into Aurora to check out an apartment for my brother and soon to be sister-in-law who are relocating to the area. The place was pretty nice we both thought and hope one of the places we have looked at for them works out well. The second stop on our adventure was to the Pavillions to get some makeup for my wife. Since we had paid for 5 hours of parking it did not make much sense to leave downtown after only 30 minutes so we decided to catch a movie there, fortunately Pirates was playing in just 20 minutes, and the theatre was air conditioned, even better.

Here is where the reviewing of the movie takes place, so for those of you who have not seen it yet and do not want me to ruin it look away, come back some other time to read my blistering and witty writing, yes witty.

So that was not what I expected, and I do not know how I feel about that yet. I liked the movie in as much as the fight scenes are great, the visual effects blend in well, somewhat over the top though, and the locations were of course visually stunning. I know I should not expect a great story when I decided to see a sequel to a swashbuckler, and I didn't. I expected a swashbuckler, would that have been so hard to provide? The movie was drawn out, could have cut about 30 minutes out of this pretty easily. The injection of some of the characters from the first movie was a bit odd and I'm not even talking about the last scene. Ah the last scene, I actually admire the writers here, they already know there will be a 3rd movie coming out, hell it's already in production. They did not have to write in that subtle there could be a sequel wrapup if this makes a good bit of money for the producers ending that so many movies have now, which of course the first one did.

So my rating? I hold judgment until the final installment, since this was just part one of what is really a two part movie. My suggestion though, if it's hot outside and the theatre has AC go for it.
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