Sunday, July 02, 2006

New Closets

So very much has gone on around the house in the past month, the latest of which was getting closet organizer stuff for both the closet in our bedroom, wife's closet, and the guest room, my closet. Before I run through the closet adventure I'll recap the other stuff we've been doing.

The night before our housewarming my folks were in town to help get ready and Dad helped me put in our $5 chandelier, that's right $5. We were at Lowe's a few weeks ago and were walking down the front isle and spotted the 90% off pallet with a few bits of lighting still on it including two chandeliers that for $5 would be perfect to replace the wobbly ceiling fan above the dining room table. I think it looks pretty good in there and man is it bright! To the left is before and to the right after.

The other piece of home improvement we endeavoured on that weekend was the sprinkler system. I did not write about the previous adventure with the sprinklers. Seized valves don't turn, even with vice grips, that sums it up. So $200 later there were two new valves and a new backflow preventer but still no sprinklers running. The box said everything was ok but the continually browning lawn told me a different story, that and the trying to run a manual cycle resulted in no water shooting. A good friend had put in a sprinkler system last summer so I thought he may have some hints or advice about what was going on. At the house warming he quite quickly got the valves turned on and sprinklers were running. The next morning things kicked off just fine for most of the zones. I still have one zone that won't kick on with the automatic programming but the valve is turning so hopefully that will be resolved this week.

OK back to our regularly scheduled post, closets. My wife has clothes, lots and lots of clothes. You'd think a smaller girl would have smaller clothes and they'd fit in a smaller space, smaller clothes just means more clothes to put in the same space, super. So we needed new closet organization stuff. We spent Saturday drawing up some plans about what we thought we wanted, mine was easy, double bars on one side, shelving in the middle and a single bar on the other side. Closet Maid makes exactly what I wanted for under $100 bucks and Lowes had it, awesome. My wife did not know exactly what she wanted, so to Lowe's we went, and she decided what I wanted would work as well, so for just under $160 we had two closet organizers.

First thing to do was rip out the existing closet, the hardest part of which was taking out the shelf that was in there that was wedged in. The solution was pretty easy, hacksaw and hammer, demolition is fun. Now that that was done it was time to get installing. The installation was pretty easy except for the part of the old closet we didn't take out. There were two pieces of half inch board that held up the old rod and shelves that we didn't take out, that moved the whole unit away from the wall one half inch. To allow for the attachment of the shelving to the back wall we had to attach some 2x2 blocks to the wall to attach the L shaped bracket to the shelves and back wall. I did forget to put the bracing on the side walls a half inch forward so I had install those in twice. Again we have before and after, left and right.

The only thing left to do on the closet in the guest room is get out the DREMEL Tool and cut down the rod for the side that is only 18 inches. Tomorrow I'm going to get my wife's closet put in, should be pretty easy now that I know what I'm doing. Here's a before shot of the closet, fortunately I don't have to empty it out.

And for those of you who thought you would escape the infamy of the clothes line post removal, I have a special blog post for that in the works.
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