Sunday, May 21, 2006

Best Week . . . Evar?


I could rant and bitch and moan about the steroids but I'll just throw this out there, it took Ruth 8,388 at bats to get to 714 while it took Barry 9,234 at bats, and to put that in perspective it took Hammerin' Hank 11,219 trips to the plate to hit 714.
*fast forward 5 minutes*
OK, I was going to go into some stats about the Babe not being as big of a threat on the bases as Bonds was but how he was a pitcher and all that so I searched for "babe ruth versus barry bonds stats" on Google and the first result was . . Popular Mechanics. Nerds run the earth.

In the spirit of semi-live blogging we're watching the Family Guy season finale, good in and of itself, but also getting to see some good previews for this summer's movies. X-Men, Superman Returns, Nacho Libre, Cars, The Fast and Furious: Tokyo . . wait, they made another one, gonna go out on a limb here and say the latest Gran Turismo has more of a plot than this movie. I cannot wait till the Pirates trailers show up.

To finish up today's post a note on the settling portion of the new house; I parted the sea of boxes that had taken up most of the basement, they are now broken down and stacked up and the ever so trendy 60's brown and tan asbestos tile is again out and proud.
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