Monday, April 17, 2006

Tape, Primer and Paint Oh Boy!

Who's up for a recap of the weekend!?

I took off from work around 4:30 on Friday, yes that is early for me, and hopped the bus south to the new house, a quick hour and a half later I was standing in my new living room admiring the job my inlaws had already done taping up the trim. Not until later in the weekend would I really understand how much that job had probably sucked but how important it was to the paint job turning out looking so good.

My first duty on Friday was to put down masking tape and paper in the new TV Room. This fun little task involves jamming the carpet down as far as you can and getting the tape as close to the wall as possible to ensure you paint as much trim and as little carpet as you can. After getting the first layer of tape down it was then time to tape newspaper over the top of it, sounds silly but this lets you slip a dropcloth down under the newspaper; it works out to be a really slick little system of carpet protection. Upon getting the seal of approval on my works as a master tape and newspaper layer I was assigned to opening the 5 gallon bucket of primer and pour it into the paint pan. Let me just say right now I am horrible at pouring liquids other than coffee and even that gets iffy so my wife deciding I was the best candidate to pour a 5 gallon container of primer must have been based on the fact that 5 gallons of primer weighs about 65 kazillion pounds, ok not really, let's try 40.

I did pretty well on the pour thanks in large part to Kristi sacrificing her hand to scoop primer, thanks Kristi!

Now that primer was in a paint pan it was time to arm myself with a roller and start in the living room. Then the dining room, ok that's cheating the living room and dining room are just one big room, then the master bedroom and bathroom. Only two walls of the living room got the white primer as we had tinted primer for the walls getting the Merlot. All that priming got done around 11:30 that night, not bad for 5 hours of work that's for sure.

Fast forward 8 hours to Saturday morning and you find two very tired new homeowners, only 2 full days into it, this bodes well eh?

Saturday morning started with primer in the bathroom which was the only room that started with actual color, so what are we doing with it, painting it white, completely logical. The final walls that needed primer were the ones getting the merlot. I learned something on Wed, when you are painting walls shades of red or green **my wife informs me it is actually for dark or bright colors** you should buy primer that you can tint. Before tinting the paint is grey, after tinting it turns, gray.

The first walls getting color on Saturday were the big walls in the dining room/living room, Bermuda Sand, aka one of the 400 shades of tan that Olympic sells. Somebody somewhere will have in their obit that they were the inventor of Bermuda Sand, the single biggest selling tint of tan that Olympic sold in 2006, trust me, I never make stuff like this up.

Next up was the master bath getting a lightish blue, I actually helped with the painting in this room! The master bath has black trim on the floor and the tile has black in it but this turned out to look really good actually.

After the bathroom came the green walls in the dining room, at this point I was back to observing and ordering lunch duty, no painting. That suited me just fine and Pizza Hut was soon on the way for the brave and valiant painters!

After a quick lunch it was back to work toiling in the dining room with the Sweet Anne, olive green, kinda. The color goes pretty well with the other two walls in the living/dining room, we will have to see how it goes with the furniture and china settings to really see how it all works.

Finally to the master bedroom we go, Kimono Blue with white trim. After the first coat it was a little faded denim blue but a second coat cleaned that up to where the room looks really good, at least I think so and I sleep there not you! Except for you who's reading over my shoulder right now, you sleep there too honey.

So that's it. That's 15 hours of painting, wrapped up in like 500 words, probably alot less. We spent Sunday and Monday evenings doing the trim in the dining/living room, TV Room, master bedroom and master bath. Tonight my wonderful wife got all the tape, newspaper, and trash cleaned up and the house looks great. We're ready to move in on Saturday and if you're reading this you've probably been invited to help, see ya Sat!
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