Saturday, April 08, 2006

Jefferson County Democratic Assembly

I was a delegate for my precinct at the Jefferson County Democratic Assembly today and took some notes as things went down. The following is just a summary of what happened to the best of my not so great recollection and scattered notes, good stuff. I also realized today I need to start carrying and more importantly using my digital camera more OR get a camera phone. In all actuality I'll probably end up doing both.

First off I gotta say I noticed that the next Jefferson County Young Democrats meeting was listed in The Colorado Statesman list of political events. Great work by our publicity people, hopefully every Young Dem there today saw it and will be coming to this month's meeting!

I didn't start with times on who was speaking and since we didn't exactly stick to the schedule as posted I don't have a time for each speaker and there was a mix of nominations for county candidates and other speakers but I think I have the order pretty close to right, and if not blog it yourself man, let's get going;

First speaker I remembered to write down was Mel, why didn't I write down the last name!, who is running for CU Regent at Large. I feel for these guys because the Regent at large is a STATEWIDE election and they do it with less money than most House District candidates run with.

Next up was Mark Udall. I'll call this one now and say Mark should run for Prez in 2012 or 2016, he'd be great, a senator from a western state would have national pull, at least more than a New England one does.

Up next was the nomination for County Commissioner, only one nominee this year for District 3 and that is Kathy Hartman.

The first contested nomination was for County Clerk and Recorder with Linda Rockwell and Stevens. Vote turned out 470 delegates for Rockwell and 51 for Stevens, well short of the 30% needed to get on the ballot.

Moving right along we got to see the first speech of the day from Ed Perlmutter who was the only one of three candidates to go the caucus and assembly route. Peggy Lamm and Herb Rubenstein are taking the petition road onto the primary ballot.

Up next was Dave Ruchman from the RTD Board of directors with news that the Board had voted to approve the contract the Union had approved the day before. Another woo hoo for the end of the strike from the bus rider! Dave only got a minute or two of talking time before we got the first mandatory break of the day courtesy of the fire alarm.

After the excitement of the fire alarm we heard from House Speaker Andrew Romanoff and Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald who is going to get to run again. Both great speakers and both would have been great candidates for guv.

Next up was the candidate for State Attorney General Fern O'Brien. The State Party webpage indicated there is another candidate who we didn't see today, Robert Johnson. I'm not 100% caught up on the buzz so he may have already dropped out of the race.

Up next was Ken Gordon and his famed video spot, very amusing. He should add a crack about the horse going backwards was the way things are working now not how he wants them to run, it would kill at rallies.

Mark Ferrandino is the State Party Treasurer and was stumping for money, wouldn't be a political event without at least one person asking for money.

Cary Kennedy is running for State Treasurer and gave a quick run down of her qualifications including working in the Budget Office under Roy Romer.

Once county commissioner candidate Bob Moser is now running for County Treasurer.

Rocky Germano is running for County Assessor.

Congressional District 6 Candidate Bill Winter was there.

Bill Ritter ran a little over on time but managed to touch on renewable energy, health insurance, K-12 Education and tied it all together with a theme for the need of leadership in the governor's mansion.

Rounding out the nominations for county positions were Katherin Loughrey-Stemp and *frantic scanning of notes* the other candidate . . crap. Ok if anyone knows who it was please comment and I'll post an update. Katherin was nominated and will be on the ballot in August.

Candidates for the offices of Sherrif and Surveyor will be filled by the vacancy committee.

Finishing up the candidate speaches was Steve Ludwig who had a great speach for CU Regent at Large.

Finishing up the announcements before the late lunch break was a plug for the May 2nd West Metro Fire District election. You can vote at any fire house on May 2nd.

From here we broke up into Congressional Districts, House Districts and finally Senate Districts. I'll explain, no is too much, I'll sum up; in CD7 Ed Perlmutter went up to and left the stage to chants of "ED, ED, ED", I'll repeat the popular sentiment that this is Ed's race to lose in Jeffco, Karen Middleton is going to need to win in Jefferson county in order to keep her appointed position on the State Board of Education, in HD 24 Cheri Jahn is once again not going to have to face Republican opposition in November, in SD 20 Moe Keller who is going to face tough opposition in November, was again nominated by acclimation.

So that sums up to the best of my abilities today's Jefferson County Democratic Assembly, discuss among yourselves and let me know what I missed or blatanly screwed up.
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