Monday, November 03, 2008

31 days 31 reasons - Uber election eve post

Uber catchup/GOTV post.  Go Vote . . seriously, go.

18 - Iraq - Get the troops out and use diplomacy to stabilize the region;
19 - Joe Biden - Remember that whole "experience" argument, yeah see Joe Biden -

20 - Hunt down the terrorists who did attack America on 9/11 - Seriously, It wasn't Saddam, and Bin Laden is in the hills between Afghanistan and Pakistan; 

21 - Support small business - Hm one big tax credit for one big company or a whole bunch of smaller ones for the small businesses man down the street;

22 - Retool big business - He ain't hatin' on big business, help 'em retool for the new energy economy;

23 - Warren Buffet likes Obama, you should too;

24 - He reads email, the other guy can't - It's more than just about email, it's more than just a generation gap, it's a sign that McCain is not just out of touch but that he can't grok new ideas, new forms of communication and wrap his mind around new things.  Those are not good qualities in a President.

25 - McCain's Experience versus Obama's Judgement - McCain's been there and done that, so what.  Obama said the war was wrong from the beginning, that Fannie and Freddie were woefully under regulated and says that giving the Middle Class a tax break will get us outta this economic problem.  He's 2 for 2 so far.

26 - Won't treat Rural America as just flyover states; and as a bonus here's info for you hunters out there;

27 - It's a hand up not a hand out - Yes people will abuse the system, but given the chance 99% of Americans want to work and pay their own way, why not give them that chance?

28 - Health care - So if I was running a business for profit and I could take my business to a more deregulated state where it was more likely I could turn down customer claims I would, just saying.  Health care should be affordable and accessible, to everybody!

29 - Social Security - Personally, I'm not gonna trust a McCain government to put my money into the stock market . . just saying;

31 - It's about the economy debt stupid - in the last 8 years the National debt went from $5.7 Trillion to $10.3 Trillion (up 80%) while the Budget increased from 2 Trillion Dollars in 2002 to a proposed 3.1 Trillion in 2009 (up 55%).  China currently holds 20% of our public debt, second only to Japan.  When they call in those debts who's gonna pay for it?  You, me, our kids, 
our grand kids?  How much will it be then?  How much will taxes have to go up to pay the debt back and still have an Army, and build roads, and schools?  How does John McCain differ from the guy that got us into this?  Let's get the budget balanced now, let's invest in America now, let's elect Barack Obama now.

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