Thursday, April 03, 2008

hmmm tacos

Tonight's dinner was tacos, tasty tasty tacos. I like to make my tacos by boiling the beef, that's right, I said BOILING! (blame my dad) It isn't quicker than browning the beef, but it is easy to throw the beef, some onion, some potato, salt and pepper in a pot with water turn on the heat and then chop up your tomato and avocado. (yes I said potato, try it, you'll love it) Now the real reason I started boiling beef was to cut down on the grease in the tacos, when you fry them. No frying tonight though, we're trying to cut the calories over here.

So that was dinner tonight and the second thing we made with our share of beef. Lots more beef in the freezer, lots more recipes to come.
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