Friday, June 09, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

Go see it. We did tonight at the Mayan in Denver with the rest of the Young Dems.

First I want to talk about the Mayan, it is a great theater. I am a big supporter of having a full bar available with your movie theatre experience. I did think that once I sat down I had been transported to Disney World. The theme of decor in the Mayan is right on target, statues, colors and lighting, I was certain that the statues would start singing or chanting at some point, ala The Enchanted Tiki Room, that woulda been awesome.

Now to the movie.

It was good, seriously. Some folks will no doubt say it is Gore's way of getting the base fired up about him before primary season 2008 begins. Even if that is on target it does not change the fact that this is a good movie and proves a good point, but I still have issues with it, but only 2.

1. We both agreed, wife and I that is, that we could have done without the 2 minute side bits about Gore's life tidbits such as the election loss, his sister dying from cancer, his son getting hit by a car, they just didn't really fit into the film at all for me.

2. There is a discussion about the number of articles regarding global warming in peer reviewed journals and in the mainstream media. The discussion says that of 928 articles in peer reviewed journals zero questioned that global warming was fact. I just wonder how many were submitted for peer review and not published.

That was all I saw that made me question things. I also learned how to answer a question I get quite a bit about the topic from some folks, won't we kill our economy if we save the environment? My answer is this; If the state of California is allowed to raise fuel economy standards, which the big 3 auto makers have sued to stop, over the next 5 years in 2011 cars sold in California will meet fuel efficiency standards of cars sold in China, today. We're more than 5 years behind the Chinese in auto technology, more if the big 3 win their suit, in a field that Mr. Ford of Detroit created.
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