Thursday, May 11, 2006

Radio in Wyoming

My Dad had his retirement party today at the school he's the elementary Principal and District Superintendent and I drove up to surprise him. I was fully intending on spending that 2ish hours listening to some music off the trusty iPod but lo and behold I left it on the table right by the door last night when I walked into the house, no iPod, no tuneage. This was an acceptable situation as far north on I-25 as Cheyenne or so, most of the Denver stations still come in, but by mile marker 25 or so I was out of range and into what many refer to as the black hole of radio. Basil scrolled and scrolled through the 5 radio stations that came in, religious Rock, NPR, the same rock songs that were being played 8 years ago, the same country songs that were being played 8 years ago, 70's/80's/90's rock mix, Top 40/TRL craparama and back around to the God Rock. Super. Now I don't mind country, I had a phase when I listened to it, bought CD's even, but are the songs on those CD's still popular enough to be playing on the radio, Strawberry Wine, that was what like 1997?

Ok so I'm a "cultured" kind of guy, NPR is fine. Top stories today on BBC News Hour were on the reports coming out about the bombings in London last July, the revelation of a database of phone numbers being collected by the NSA, an Italian soccer scandal and a couple close up pieces. One of those pieces was about the death of Corinne Rey-Bellet a Swiss skier, The case was solved, the husband shot her. I learned that all Swiss men are required to serve in the Swiss military and take their side arm with them when discharged. Ok first off why does a country with stated neutrality need a military . . eh? The next thing I learned was that in Switzerland everything is very precise and run on time and with a plan including people's lives, so when couples have issues and/or break up, as was the case with Rey-Bellet, people do not handle it well. So we have men with easy access to guns who do not handle break ups well. Turns out this was not an isolated event or even type of event, the Swiss media even has a term, Family Drama, for these types of events. The report wrapped up and I found myself saying, out loud, "What is wrong with the Swiss!".

Dad congrats on your upcoming retirement, you're the best big guy.
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