Sunday, April 30, 2006

Workin' on the chain gang . .

We checked out of the duplex yesterday and the landlord said it looked great, besides the carpet which he was already planning on replacing so he ignored it. This probably saved us a full 8 - 12 hours of cleaning because it was in pretty bad shape. We did plant some flowers last Sunday at the old place for the new tenants, of course then it snowed on Tuesday but they looked pretty good yesterday except for the pansies. A few of those blossoms had wilted some from the cold.

After getting checked out of the old place yesterday morning we started on our own yard. First up was getting the dead grass raked out of the front lawn and getting the leaves from last fall picked up. Now the yard, in the bed of ivy and the south side of the house all look much better and I have a good pile of dead grass and leaves to start a compost pile with. After getting that done it was time to finish up putting the pavers in to make a path from the driveway to the front sidewalk. I had buried a few of them the weekend we painted but the progress was slow since I was doing the work with a hand trowel. The newly acquired shovel from Lowe's made a world of difference and now they are all nicely burred and do not stick up to catch the mower.

Today's agenda was to get the inside of the house looking presentable in case we have dinner guests tonight and this week. My folks are going to be staying with us for Mother's day so the storage bedroom needs to turn into a guest bedroom in the next two weeks. The galley kitchen is much less of an obstacle course now that there are not two dozen boxes in it either. This week we will get the sprinklers turned on, fertilize/seed the lawn, get the wire mesh put up for the compost pile, get the grill put back together (hmmm pork chops), mow, and maybe, just maybe get some of the redwood chips from the back yard into the front yard under the trees.

Finally I need some help. What plant/flower is this? I have been told it might be Day Lily but I'm not real sure.
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