Monday, April 10, 2006


I heard a great podcast today from a Slate article and I figured I would write about the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis.

Most of what I listen to is political but there are some others thrown in for fun.

So the podcasts that update once a week are;

Washington Week
- I usually start with this on Monday morning, it's the first of the weekend shows so it's the first peek at what will be talked about on Sunday morning. The roundtable is always pretty good but the show is only 22-25 minutes.

Newsweek On Air - A good wrapup and usually a good piece on something that wasn't major news during the week. The interviews almost sound like they take sound bites from other interviews and script questions for the hosts that fit.

This Week - Always a big name guest, I usually really like the roundtable, without the visual the Sunday Funnies bit is sometimes lost with the Podcast.

Meet the Press - The Cadillac of the Sunday Morning news shows, it's been on the air forever. They recently switched up the format to match This Week, Russert interviews the headline guest and then there is a roundtable. I like the switch.

Face the Nation - I just started listening to this one, last week the round table was two people, the host and a newspaper columnist, how is that a round table?

Security Now - I started listening to this almost 6 months ago to answer a question for my brother in law and ended up continuing to listen, some weeks it's good, some weeks it's fun to listen to what Steve Gibson is freaking out about now.

the ones that update daily are;

Hardball - Sometimes it is an interview, sometimes it is a story that leads into an interview, without the interview. I just wish Chris Matthews was more like they write him on SNL, now that's good TV.

Newshour - Usually 3 bits each day, why they don't just slap it into one long podcast I'll never know, I don't watch the show when it's on though so I don't know the normal format. Regardless it is usually really good stuff.

Nightline - another news magazine, by the time I get here I'm usually covered but they sometimes have an interest piece that is . . . uh, interesting.

Slate - I lied, I usually start here with their Friday's Political Gabfest, they drift but it's funny. The articles on slate are great, I had it in my RSS feed but couldn't keep up, I can usually listen to a podcast and work but it's really hard to work and read articles at the same time.

Most of them are pretty good stuff, slightly left leaning if you ask some folks but overall keeps you in the loop on what's up with politics and the news.

In other news . . . we got new phones tonight, picture phones, oh yeah. Expect to see some really stupid stuff up in here soon!
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