Thursday, April 06, 2006

Like sands through the hour glass . .

I was home sick today, nothing feels specifically horrible but my head, I have never had headaches this intense before.

I must get "well" soon because I cannot handle another day of the lowlights of daytime television. Let us sum up;

5-7 9news
7-7:30 Happy Days
7:30 - 9 was spent flipping channles, something I am very very good at, just ask my wife
9-12 - Reprieve! MythBusters! Older episodes and the myths aren't as big or explosive as they are this season but at least you get 3 of 'em!
12-1 - Knight Rider - Was it this bad in the 80's? VH1 makes the 80's look so much cooler.
1-3 - More flipping channles, napping and calling lenders, appraisers and real estate agents.
3-5 - M*A*S*H quality stuff from the good seasons.

and that brings us to the ever refreshing present; The Simpson's are on and I am happy.
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