Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Commuting Blows

I drove today, ugh.

I do not know how people can drive US36 everyday without going nucking futz. The drive in was fine. Basil said it was 6:17am when I pulled out of the driveway, a cup of coffee and the radio on I was good to go. The drive in was smooth, not too much traffic and the weather was fine, at the office by 6:50, day was going well already.

Work was . . work, I could elaborate but really, why?

So at 5:15pm with my brain slightly frazzled from the day it was time to head home, what I had dreaded and waited for since lunch. Dreaded because I knew the drive would be a mess and waited for because my head was aching and I could not wait to get home and eat some dinner.

The trip through town wasn't too bad, typical stop and go at the lights. As I approached the onramp to the turnpike on foothills I saw the backup and sighed the sigh I had been holding in all day. It was the "I knew driving to work was gonna suck and I hope this strike ends soon" sigh, yeah I said it. So as I sit at a standstill I look up at the vehicle in front of me, I say up because he's a Hummer and I'm a Mini. I felt bad about being the ahole who drove a 4 passenger car to work all by himself and then I see this, an H2 with one person in it, super. Behind me is a Toyota Prius, good for them, until she picked up the cell phone and proceeded to chat all the way to Wadsworth where I exited and she kept driving and talking, super duper. The one thing that is the same between driving and bussing is that it takes one half to three fourths of the time just to get from 36 and Wads home, this isn't bad when you are on the bus as you can sleep and ignore the arguing crack heads, that's a different story. In the car on the other hand all I could think about was sleeping on the bus, there's gotta be something wrong with that.

So what is todays moral?

Wheel of Morality turn turn turn...
Show the lesson we should learn!

Q: What's a light-year?
A: One-third less calories than a regular year.
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